Our Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk can be bought anywhere but what makes Monkey’s Choice Coconut Milk TM the best in the market? The production of Coconut Milk only has a few steps: Sourcing, Cleaning, Grinding, Pressing & Sterilization. While other producers approach these processes with the intent of improving efficiency (how to process the maximum amount of coconuts in the shortest amount of time with the lowest amount of labour) we focus on producing milk with the maximum flavour and freshness.


Our Coconuts are specially sourced from around Malaysia paying attention to location, varieties, seasons and expertise. We always use kernels from plantations that come from coastal areas. The fertile soil and ‘sea spray’ produce the most flavourful milk. Different varieties of coconuts react to droughts and monsoon periods differently and we keep a close watch on the seasons to decide which varieties to switch to throughout the year. Knowing when a coconut is at its best is also a skill so we’ve made sure to form trusted relationships with our partners in Malaysia. Too young and the fat content in the milk is not high enough, too old and the percentage of lauric acid in the milk is too high, leaving the milk tasting soapy. Our coconuts are harvested between 9-11 months depending on variety. The coconuts are delivered to us within 2 days of harvesting ensuring maximum freshness.


After the coconut is paired (the husks are removed manually) we sort the coconut flesh (copra) by hand before sending it for washing, ensuring that no bruised, greying or inappropriately aged coconuts make it through this process. This is an important part of the process because just 1 bad coconut can spoil the taste for the whole batch. Once the coconuts are sorted, we send them for cleaning in 80°c hot water to remove any dirt and to sterilize the outside of the flesh.


A screw press was specifically designed for a specific volume of production that allowed us to keep the temperature of the milk as cool as possible. Adding too much heat at this stage would reduce freshness and spoil the natural flavours of the milk. Our milk is bagged and chilled at 4°c at this point.


After spending months testing which length and size of grind would allow us to extract the right amount of milk from the flesh (60%) we worked with engineers in Malaysia to custom make a machine that would consistently give us the product we needed.


Using Bi-Temperature Sequential Processing allows us to sterilize the milk of any bacteria without adding any heat. Our packets of coconut milk bagged just moments before, are put into a hyperbaric chamber. The Chamber is filled with 5°c water and the bags are then subjected to 4500bar of pressure for over 6 mins, making sure that all the bacteria have been eradicated but the flavours and nutrients of the coconut milk are left completely intact. This gives us the edge over any other milk producer as the result is a product that feels freshly squeezed without the dangers of raw milk. This also gives our milk a 7 day shelf life that is ideal for restaurant use. Pasteurized milk tends to denature the milk, forcing companies to add stabilizers to address this problem. The pasteurization process also kills many of the natural flavours that fresh coconut milk contains.