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About us

Our Coconut Milk is natural. No chemicals and no preservatives and it is seasonally sourced, hand sorted and single squeezed before it undergoes Bi-Temperature Sequential Processing in a Hyperbaric Chamber. Akin to bringing our Coconut Milk to a depth of 60km (the Mariana Trench is only 10km deep), the high pressure preserves the milk’s nutrients, flavours and freshness in a way that thermal pasteurization cannot.

Our Coconut Milk has a shelf life of 7 days, the longest that a product can keep fresh under bi-temperature sequential processing treatment. It was created for chefs that no longer want a Coconut Milk designed to last forever but who instead are searching for a way to encapsulate the product at its peak freshness for just long enough to use in a restaurant setting. We created a product that is so perfectly suited to the needs of today’s culinary clientele that it sacrifices neither quality nor practicality.

The process began when we wanted to serve at our restaurant the best cendol we could possibly produce. We took 2 years searching Malaysia’s plantations, speaking with local experts and working with MARDI (Malaysia’s Agricultural Research Department) to develop a logistical chain to get the best coconuts shipped to us when they were at their freshest and most flavourful. We have been using this milk faithfully for the last 2 years at The Coconut Club.

Dr. Lee Chan Wai
Founder of The Coconut Club
Professor of Engineering At The University of Nottingham, Kuala Lumpur
All Round Ladies’ Man