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Our Coconut Milk is natural. No chemicals and no preservatives. It is seasonally sourced, hand sorted and single squeezed before it undergoes Bi-Temperature Sequential Processing in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

Our Coconut Milk has a shelf life of 7 days, the longest that a product can keep fresh under Bi-Temperature Sequential Processing treatment. It was created for chefs that no longer want a Coconut Milk designed to last forever but who instead are searching for a way to encapsulate the product at its peak freshness for just long enough to use in a restaurant setting.

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Coconut Milk can be bought anywhere but what makes Monkey’s Choice Coconut Milk TM the best in the market? The production of Coconut Milk only has a few steps: Sourcing, Cleaning, Grinding, Pressing & Sterilization.

While other producers approach thee processes with the intent of improving efficiency (how to process the maximum amount of coconuts in the shortest amount of time with the lowest amount of labour) we focus on producing milk with the maximum flavour and freshness.

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The secret ingredient is their home-made premium coconut milk. Before knowing more about the coconut milk, let us first understand coconut fruit first.

The Coconut comes from the coconut tree which is a member of the palm tree family. Coconuts are used as food, cosmetics, furnishing and decoration.

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The Main Squeeze Hospitality Group has worked with The Yellow Ribbon Foundation and Daughters of Tomorrow, 2 non profit groups that help our fellow Singaporeans get back on their feet.

We believe in providing people with the dignity of work and financial independence while working hard to ensure that their work life enhances their home life through flexible schedules and robust benefits

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